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The purpose of this Product FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions about InteriorArts. If you have other questions, please get in touch with us.

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What is InteriorArts?

InteriorArts (or IA) is an HPL design laminate that features sophisticated neutrals, luxurious textures and an international design aesthetic. It’s from the same company that offers Chemetal and Treefrog, two well known specialty laminates.

What is a High Pressure Laminate?

High Pressure Laminate or HPL, is essentially plastic laminate, a durable decorative surface material. To make, sheets of kraft paper (think thick construction paper) are covered or impregnated with heat activated resins. (The more layers of kraft paper, the thicker the laminate) Atop this is placed a décor paper- a large piece of paper with a printed design- a wood grain for example. Melamine and Release papers, which impart a texture or finish to the laminate, are added. The resulting layers are pressed under heat- hence the name high pressure laminate- fusing the décor and kraft papers into a finished laminate sheet. That’s the quick version.

What size and thickness is InteriorArts?

InteriorArts comes in different sizes depending on the product SKU:
Patterns #1002 – #3104 are available in 4’ x 8’ sheets and are .034” thick.
Pattern #6001 – #6064 are available in 4’ x 10’ sheets and are .031” thick.
Pattern #6070 is available in two special sizes due to the uniqueness of the pattern: 4’ x 9’ and 28.875” x 9’. Thickness is .036”. 

How do I buy InteriorArts?

InteriorArts is available thru our international distributor network. We’re headquartered in Easthampton, Massachusetts and our distributor network is strongest in North America, with over 100 locations in the USA and Canada. This makes it easy for you to source our designs quickly, easily and affordably. In locations where we don’t have a distributor, we sell direct to customers.

Find your nearest InteriorArts distributor here:

Or call us at 800 807-7341.

Does InteriorArts offer edge banding?

IA currently does not offer a corresponding edge banding. However, several edge banding suppliers match our patterns or at least get close to it.

Edgebanding supplier recommendations are listed here:

What adhesives are recommended for lamination?

Use the same adhesive and application techniques (application rate, method of application, drying techniques, etc.) for bonding the front and back laminates. This is especially important when using water-based adhesives such as PVA (white glue), urea’s or water-based contact adhesives which introduce additional moisture into the panel assembly. In addition, if panels are being hot pressed, the top and bottom platen temperatures may require temperature adjustments to produce flat panels. Temperatures used to effect glue line cure can cause shrinkage of the glue and surfacing materials. Generally, the side having the thicker skin will require a slightly higher platen temperature than the side having a thinner skin (cabinet liner, phenolic backer, etc.), due to heat transfer rates. Bottom platen temperature may also require reduction to compensate for the additional contact time involved while the press is being closed and opened.

A variety of adhesives have been found satisfactory for bonding decorative laminates to core materials. The choice of adhesive should be based on the service for which the assembly is intended and upon the bonding facilities available. In all cases, the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for use should be followed closely. Please click on link for more information on adhesives and lamination techniques:

InteriorArts Tech Info

Can InteriorArts be applied directly to gypsum board (dry wall)?

No. InteriorArts works best on a completely flat, even surface that is free of debris. Therefore, drywall is not suitable. Most, if not all, HPL laminate manufacturers do not recommend gypsum board as a substrate. We highly recommend applying the IA laminate to a smooth sound wood substrate such as high quality plywood, MDF and particleboard.

Can InteriorArts be used as a horizontal surface?

Surface texture is one of the distinguishing features of InteriorArts so it is not recommended for horizontal use. However, our Natural textures, denoted with a NAT after the product number, perform well as desktops (we used them as sit/stand desktops when we refreshed our office furniture). Keep in mind, our laminates are Standard Grade thickness, which give them less thickness and impact resistance than Horizontal Grade. Because of this we recommend that InteriorArts is installed in vertical applications such as cabinet faces and wall décor, with some exceptions for light duty horizontal uses (not countertops), and encourage you to test first in any horizontal application.

Can you customize InteriorArts? For example, size, finish, thickness etc?

Yes, almost anything is possible, for higher volume orders, starting at several hundred sheets. Extended production times of 3 months are common.

How do you ship InteriorArts?

InteriorArts ships rolled in a box or in a flat crate, depending on order size. We have several box sizes (which ship via UPS) that can hold anywhere from 2-6 sheets, depending on the SKU. (Boxes fit less of thicker and longer sheets, for example, and certain SKUs don’t roll as easily)

Does InteriorArts need to be counterbalanced?

For critical applications requiring a well-balanced assembly (doors, etc.), the same laminate should be applied on both sides. Less critical or smaller applications may only require a cabinet liner or phenolic backer. Basic rule of thumb when it comes to a true balanced panel is “Whatever you put on the front you should put it on the back”.

Is InteriorArts post-formable?

No, InteriorArts is not post-formable.

What is a typical application for InteriorArts?

There are myriad uses for InteriorArts laminates: wall paneling, furniture, cabinetry, architectural millwork, trade show displays, lockers and doors. Check out our projects page.

Or view our instagram:

What is the repeat within an InteriorArts sheet/pattern?

Some designs will not repeat within a sheet, whereas, other might. Full sheet images are available to review under each specific finish online.

Is InteriorArts Fire Rated?

Yes, it is. Patterns from #1002 – #3104 are class A and Patterns from #6001-#6064 are class B fire rated.
Click on link to see fire rating test results on patterns #1002-#3104.

InteriorArts Class A Fire Rating

What type of certifications does InteriorArts currently have?

InteriorArts is GreenGuard certified which is a product certification for low VOC emissions. The certification is applicable to patterns #1002-#3104.

How do I get samples of InteriorArts and what are the sample sizes?

InteriorArts samples can be requested through your local distributor or directly through us. Samples are chip size, 4″ x 6″ and 8″ x 10″. Please contact us:

800 807-7341
413 529-0718

Can InteriorArts be used for exterior applications?

InteriorArts is only suitable for interior applications and therefore not recommended for exterior applications.

Are special tools required to work with InteriorArts?

No, the same woodworking tools that are used to work with other plastic laminates can be used. We highly recommend that the blades & router bits be carbide tipped. Please click on the following link for more information on tooling:

InteriorArts Tech Info

More technical info can be found here:

Does InteriorArts come with a clear protective mask?

Only the Matte anti-fingerprint laminates #6001, #6002, and #6003 come with a protective mask.

We hope this Product FAQ has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, or recommendations on questions we should answer here, please call or email.

800 807-7341

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